“Be There. Make it Matter…”


When I left her for my studies, she was only 3 years old.

Every attempt at talking to her over the phone ended in failure : my daughter would refuse to talk to me. She was that upset.

Interestingly however, when my family visited our other house in Telisai, my wife told me over the phone that Batrisyia would go around the house….calling for me.

My wife would tell me how she would walk around alone in the big house, going into every nook and corner, calling out for her dad.


Isha never did talk to me over the phone, preferring to see me in person when I come home on vacation. She preferred it that way, I know now. No matter how many toys or books that I had gotten her – there was simply no substitute for fathers to just be there for their kids.

My 3 year old daughter had taught me an important lesson…

“Be there, and make it matter”

The thing is … how many times have we been with our family?  How often are we with them in their activities, or just by simply having dinner or an afternoon out?

Yes, we’ve been there right? We are present during those times. Or are we? How many times have we been present, but then found ourselves busy working the phones, checking our e-mails or focusing on our social apps instead? How many times have dinner been disturbed by things other than family? We’re distracted, distant, virtually somewhere else.

Reality check, please everyone….

And Reality does bite, doesn’t it?!

We need to put down those phones, lay to the side those e-mails, fb statuses and WhatsApp messages. Focus on what matters most.

Be present.

“Be there, and make it matter”


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