About Me


I find inspiration in my daily family life and social interactions. I write stories about them, looking at the various situations, embedded lessons and meanings those situations bring. In that process, I synergise information from various disciplines – science, history, engineering, the arts etc into one melting pot of what I hope is a culmination of  knowledge and more importantly – wisdom. I share these stories on my social platforms and blog.

I am in the middle of readying these stories into a series of books called “InteReflect”

Not long ago, I had a profound experience in dealing with my son’s illness. From it, I learned the virtues of patience and resilience and how some inspired sketching and a good accompanying story can help a 5 year old manage his fears of hospitals and doctors.  I’ve presented the story on Pechakucha Bandar Seri Begawan in April 2017.

I was also a Queen Elizabeth II Chevening Scholar, am a committee member of the Chevening Alumni of Brunei, and a founding member of the ASEAN network of Chevening Alumni. Through my involvement with the various organizations,  we do talks and motivational sessions, and other outreach activities such as youth engagements via the Brunei Chevening Youth Forum.